We solve talent problems for businesses so they can focus on making their product the best it can be.

The new world needs a new recruitment model. A model of partnership, transparency, flexibility & results.

This is the Animo model





Our core values are CARE.

Animo itself means COURAGE in Latin. It has slightly different other translations, and also implies inspiring and broadly means “don’t give up, you can do it.”

AUTHENTICITY is about being who you say you are, doing what you say you will do, and being honest with everybody, especially yourself.

RECIPROCATION means giving back to the industries, markets, and people we work with and profit from via funding, content, information, and support.

EQUALITY means internally our business will create an inclusive environment where everybody has a voice that will be heard and externally will focus on our drive to help create more diverse teams.

Meet the team

Paul Church

Fixing talent sourcing problems.

Kevin Clifford

Helping companies secure the right talent. Advising on Recruitment Tech & Process.