About The Animo Group

Founded by Kevin Clifford and Paul Church, The Animo Group was created to provide the antidote to traditional recruitment solutions.

Having worked in Recruitment Agencies for more years than they care to remember, Kevin and Paul believed there was a better way to help scaling businesses get the people they needed to develop their products and services.

They believed businesses deserved a service based on authentic partnerships and not just percentage-driven transactions.

A service that focused on helping companies not just get great people but helped them develop their internal processes and culture.

A service with diversity and inclusion as a core value system.

The result was The Animo Group, a flexible talent acquisition solution that addresses the evolving talent demands of scaling businesses, built on the foundation of the Founder’s values.

Meet the team

Paul Church


Kevin Clifford


Joe Bignell

Talent Partner

Our Values
We’re forward-thinking in every area of our own business and our partners’ businesses. From using the latest processes and tech to our innovative approach, we’re solving and supporting the big issues within our industry. We’re striving to create the transparent, honest, and sustainable recruitment solution that our industry needs in order to protect our future.
Inspired by our name, we’re bold and confident in our decision-making, and aren’t afraid to do things differently. We’re authentic and honest, choosing to do good and prioritising long-term solutions over quick fixes.
Every person that we work with should feel valued while celebrating their differences, whether they’re our colleagues, clients or candidates. Our partnership approach means we come to the table sincerely and as equals. We champion DE&I in the sectors we work in by acknowledging and addressing the real issues, while amplifying others’ voices.
Give Back
We’re motivated by what we can give back to the community rather than what’s in for us. We build each other up, not only through our charity work but also in the way we share our skills and develop our partners.

Our Mission

We provide affordable, effective and flexible talent acquisition solutions for scaling businesses within the UK tech industry. We build sustainable growth solutions and champion DE&I within the tech and digital sphere by giving back through the Confidence Community and beyond.

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