Case Study

Revolutionizing Recruitment: Animo Group's Value-Added Solutions for Clausematch

  • Time-to-hire:29.5 days
  • Savings:85% vs using traditional recruitment agencies
  • Highlight :100% of roles sourced directly by The Animo team.

“The Animo Group was one of the best decisions for our team. They are diligent, professional and go way above expectations consistently and across different roles. They have been superstars for all our Hiring Managers..”

Danny Gal, COO/CRO, Clausematch.

The Challenge

Clausematch engaged with The Animo Group to help them scale the business. They needed the right people to help the business get the growth it needed. They had no internal Talent Function, and due to high costs and poor previous experiences, they did not want to use recruitment agencies.

Our Solution:

The first important step was to build relationships with the hiring managers and stakeholders, so they trusted that we would be able to deliver what the business needed. This was done with meetings, briefings and collaborating on what the hiring process should look like.

This also led to a Clausematch formal hiring workflow being created by The Animo Group, which was rolled out. Subsequently, this also led to us building them an Onboarding and Pre-Joining workflow to maintain candidate engagement and positive experience.

The Animo Group created a number of targeted headhunting campaigns to attract the best talent in Tech, Product, Finance and Marketing. This included tailored outreaches and compelling content for their careers page.

To support the business with planning, The Animo Group created benchmarks for all salaries in the business and for future hires. To support the culture, they initiated the concept of a well-being committee, with the aim of creating a happier, more open workplace.

The Outcome:

  • Saved 85% on recruitment agency fees
  • Roles filled 60% quicker than UK average time
  • 100% of roles filled
  • Exceptional candidate experience delivered
  • Clausematch have completed their hiring plans ahead of time, with huge cost savings