Case Study

The Perfect Blend: Feast IT's Growth Powered by Animo Group's Expertise

  • Time-to-hire:31.2 days
  • Savings:77% vs using traditional recruitment agencies
  • Highlight :Hired the people they needed to take pressure off the existing teams and grow their business and product further.

Charlotte Lamb, Head of People & Talent

“Animo were fundamental in expanding our engineering team – they found excellent talent quickly and efficiently and did so with real dedication. All hiring managers were kept informed and included in the process and they turned it around faster than we would have ever been able to without their support.

Would 100% work with them when hiring in the tech team!”

The Challenge

Feast It sought the support of The Animo Group to help them scale their business with a particular focus on finding tough-to-find Tech, Data & Product talent.

They also required full coordination, management of the hiring process and the creation of compelling content which would help attract the right people to the business. Delivering a strong and authentic candidate experience was also rightly at the top of the agenda

Our Solution:

We first made sure that we truly understood the culture of the business and the opportunity that working for the business would present to potential candidates in terms of impact, learning, and progression.

Then, we created compelling copy for our outreach messages and adverts, which would help us engage with the right talent. We also worked with the CTO to produce a podcast episode of Talent & Growth focused on their building of a safe engineering culture, which again helped with the proposition of working for Feast It.

The Animo Group managed the full process for candidates and hiring managers, including conducting the 1st round of interviews. Audio snippets of the interviews were then replayed to hiring managers to give them full visibility of the candidate’s strengths/weaknesses, which saved them a lot of time.

The Outcome:

  • Compared to traditional recruitment agency fees, Feast It saved 77% by working with The Animo Group
  • Feast It hired Tech, Data & Product Talent in well above industry average time – 31.2 days
  • Most importantly, they hired the people they needed to take pressure off the existing teams and grow their business and product further.