Case Study

The Power of Streamlined Recruitment: Infigo's Talent Acquisition Success

  • Time-to-hire:38.2 days
  • Savings:100%
  • Highlight :New careers page updated and launched

Alex Bowell, Technical Operations Director

“What Animo offer is unique and, in my opinion, the future of recruitment. Gone is the old aggressive, forced approach of success based on the number of people that are interviewed and placed and what Animo replace it with the tools to help create a healthy environment for attracting and nurturing talent. Everything from engrossing themselves in the business to understanding the key values and what is important, to reviewing the website, the marketing and the general outside view of how attractive the business is to new, potential recruits, to getting bums on seats. Animo help with it all. And obviously the most important part, they have helped us to hire some superstars that have really helped us catapult our business forward.

If you believe that investing in people is important and that having the right people that are the perfect fit in your business but don’t have the time or resources to source them, screen them, filter out the good from the bad etc. etc., then Animo is your answer. Different packages and costs based on your budget and your needs, it really is a no-brainer. 

The Challenge

Infigo has historically relied on advertising roles directly and using traditional recruitment agencies, taking the management team away from focussing on what they do best. We partnered with Infigo to review their entire hiring process, including employer branding, recruitment marketing, interview process, and candidate experience.

Infigo had a number of critical hires to make across their Technology, Sales & Training teams.

Our Solution:

We reviewed the existing end-to-end hiring process and implemented a streamlined and consistent interview process, resulting in a reduced time-to-hire. We set up & optimised the ATS software to help with candidate experience and compliance. The management team were mentored and coached on interview techniques to ensure they were inclusive and positioned the Infigo brand to support attracting talent.

The Outcome:

Infigo’s management team saved a lot of time reviewing, shortlisting and screening people for their roles. 100% acceptance rate of offers made. A new careers page was released.