Talent Acquisition professionals are facing a turbulent time at the moment. On episode 109 of Talent & Growth we spoke to Jan Tegze, the Director of Technical Recruiting at Tricentis, about how we can develop ourselves and our careers in 2023. Jan describes himself as a recruiter and someone who likes to share. He shared his advice in his book Full Stack Recruiter and on our podcast.

How can we get better at our jobs in talent acquisition?

Get training. My book is a manual for recruiters, because knowledge is very limited in our industry. There are some online courses but I don’t believe there are good ones, and they are usually really expensive. People don’t understand the basics, so we’re struggling. We are facing the shift in the tools that are on the market. What I’m seeing is the opportunity to type ‘scream outreach message for Java developers working in IBM’, and getting it sent out. What we need is some kind of curiosity to explore and test things. No one is testing them by sending In Mail messages and getting results from it. I created several profiles last year and sent about 76,000 connection requests from them with various templates and customizations to understand what the best template is to increase the number of people who accept my connection request. What we are lacking is the willingness to spend extra time to test the theory. We need to get the results and share them with our community. 

My timeline is filled with Chat GPT posts. The results are amazing, but it’s like nobody’s questioning it. Everyone is excited, but people need to be sceptical too, because if we only spend our time with tools, where does innovation go? How are we going to try new things if we rely on those tools for outreach? I believe it’s a terrible idea. During outreach, you need to bring your unique perspectives to your candidates. That leaves a strain on consultants, because they’re using really terrible outreach messages that are presented by the AI good ones. People are accepting that they will not get the best results from it, because those messages are not good at all, and we’re just accepting poor quality outreach. We need to put people back into the process if we want to keep improving. 

How do businesses make the most out of NCAA teams without breaking the bank?

First of all, use the data. There are still a lot of companies that are not using talent mapping, so they’re trying to hire people with unique skill sets on markets when there are only five of them out there. Companies are spending an incredible amount of money on agencies who are submitting 10 candidates for just one hire. To process those nine other candidates, you’re burning the time of your hiring team. 

You can use data to see what’s working well, where you need to improve your performance and what you need to change. Train your recruiters, not just how to find people, but how to create good outreach messages. It’s an art; you need to understand how to create the message, what types of messages to create and how to work with your hiring manager. 

The biggest failing of every team is believing that every candidate should be motivated. If they are, they apply directly. Otherwise they were headhunted. Especially in tech fields, the majority of those candidates are headhunted people who already have a job, but they are still treated like they decided to apply for a job and asked why they’re not so excited about it. After the interview, the feedback is typically that the candidates are not looking for a change. TA partners need to start acting more like business partners by helping hiring managers understand those little differences. That’s something we can always improve, no matter what sector we’re working in. 

How can companies be more creative in attracting the best talent to the business?

It’s all about how you treat the people you already have. Company culture is the main thing that attracts people. If you are trying to help people, those people will share that information with their friends. That gives you referrals, because people who are engaged with the culture will share more of your company content and say good things about you both on and offline. If you have a good culture, people will also be eager to get involved with outreach events. If your people are treated with respect and care, they’ll sing your praises to anyone who will listen, which is the best way to attract people to your company. 

What’s one thing that TA professionals should do in 2023 to succeed?

You need to learn new things. Think about how you could implement AI to speed up your process. You should be exploring those tools, because it will help you and your company by improving your ATS. One example is using Chat GPT as a teacher that will help me improve my coding skills or understand things in a more simple way. It’s showing me how I can explain things in simple terms for a person who doesn’t understand it. Don’t be afraid of losing your place, you won’t be replaced by those tools. Explore them and find a way to learn from it or use it for your benefit. That will be what sets you apart in the coming months. 

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