Katrina Collier is on a mission to end the collaboration chaos that ruins recruitment and candidate experience. And she joined us on episode 66 of the Talent & Growth Podcast to discuss how you can be a robot-proof recruiter. 

In this episode we cover how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, The inspiration behind The Robot-Proof Recruiter and tips for becoming an authentic voice in your market. We’ve highlighted these tips for you below. 

What are your tips for becoming an authentic voice in your market? 

I am the same when you meet me as I am online so could use that buzzword ‘authenticity’. You need to be genuine, be yourself but also don’t make it about you. Whether it’s your LinkedIn, newsletter on a blog or podcast- share updates that help and ensure that you are adding value to the industry. Rather than a recruiter creating a post to moan that somebody’s written their CV in a ridiculous font – why not write a post for your top three tips for writing a CV. That way, you are adding value, rather than being perceived as being judgemental and critical which I see going on far too much.  

Another enormous part that is often overlooked is this issue of ghosting clients. If you want to come across as a valuable recruiter, just doing that alone is enough to build a brilliant reputation. You may not be well known on social media, but you’ll be known in your market as a person that’s reliable, authentic and genuinely cares. Be aware that 84% of people who are ghosted by a recruiter feel down or depressed so we need to think carefully about the impact that we make as recruiters. You should always let a candidate know where they are in the process and remember that even giving them no news is giving them news. 

Making sure candidates have a good experience, whatever happens, is such a key thing. I very rarely get negativity when I tell someone they haven’t got the job as I can tell them why or what happened and they are grateful. It’s very important, like you have said about considering the mental health aspect of it which I haven’t heard discussed before.  

There are a couple of campaigns that are currently going on relating to the ‘circle back’ initiative the ‘end ghosting report’  carried out by Tripad. We need to remember that throughout the process how we feel is so different to how our candidates may be feeling. I recently came across a spreadsheet that someone had completed where they had written all of the applications they’d made and also written down every time they didn’t hear back from an application. I found this really eye opening. It’s important to remember that there is a human being behind every single email, call, text and you need to remember to go back to them. I know it’s hard but there is technology that can help with that now.  

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