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Alan Sugar is at it again.

I still like to think that Lord Sugar doesn’t actually believe this but rather is leaning into a character that promotes his brand thus growing his follower base.

But whether this is an authentic belief or not, it triggered this weeks topic which is the importance of setting boundaries when working from home.

This isn’t a new conversation.

In 2020 when the majority of us were trying to hang onto our jobs and businesses in the toughest market we had ever seen, whilst simultaneously being locked down and forced to work from home, burnout was a big topic.

Now, as the pandemic has significantly subsided, WFH is no longer an infliction but a choice that most of us who can, choose to make.

Not Alan Sugar obviously, no doubt he is in the office 24/7.

And WFH doesn’t necessarily mean WFH! It could mean working from a coffee shop. It could mean working from another town. Another country. You can work from anywhere.

But the problem with being able to work from anywhere means you will work from anywhere.

You might be more inclined to work more hours because you don’t have your commute.

You might be more inclined to work on weekends.

You might be more inclined to work on holiday.

And if you love what you do, like I do, then this doesn’t always seem like work.

If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life right?


Everybody needs down time.

Everybody needs time to step away.

To reflect.

To recharge.

To spend time with friends and family.

To laugh, to be brought back down to earth and to step out of that work bubble.

I don’t have this nailed by any degree.

It is something I have to keep working on continuously, often because I get pulled out of said work bubble by my (romantic) partner, my (business) partner or a friend.

But here are some basics that help me set boundaries:

  • Allocate set days where you WILL not allow yourself to look at anything work related. These used to be called weekends. I managed this from 3pm Friday until Sunday and felt brand new when I did log back on.
  • Be clear at the beginning of the working day what time you will finish and log off. Be strict with that. If your to do list isn’t done by then, then tough – you still have to log off. But I have a sneaking feeling that if you set a deadline, you will get what you need done.
  • Leave your phone at home. Hold on, hear me out. Yes, I get that you have already promised that you won’t do any work but removing your device from your person for a few hours or even (oh my god) a DAY will have you feeling liberated and free. You will also be completely present wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Try it.
  • Do you love blocking out your calendar? Cool, me too. But do you block it out with your fun stuff? Your yoga class? Your lunch with a friend? Your trip to the cinema. Do it. Place as much importance in your diary on the fun stuff as you do on the work stuff. It’s just as important.

I hope these help. Let me know what works for you?

And Lord Sugar…be quiet.

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Another week, another shot of me in the Warner Bros. Discovery studios visiting the venue for our very first Talent & Growth live even in London.

We will be beginning to announce our amazing four speakers this week!

We will also be raising money for Mind with this event – all funds will go towards this incredible charity.

If you would like to register your interest in attending the event, please do so here –

With the fear setting in to the country around energy costs, inflation and the recession in general, how are you helping your people? I asked this question and Chelsea Foxwell of Uptake Strategies responded.

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I also spotted this post from Ben Rutter which I loved.

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So big up to Chelsea and Ben and their businesses 🙂

If you or your business are doing something special to help their people weather the impending storm then please do get in contact and I will share on this platform.

The more ideas we have the more we can help each other.