We'll be speaking to talent leaders about the challenges they face and their solutions for attraction and retention. So if you're interested in hearing about how companies are building a more diverse talent pool, how you can attract top people from the big players, ways to create a more inclusive interview process or learn about the latest and greatest automation software to make your life easier then this is the podcast for you.

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Episode: 106 | 26-01-2023

Scaling A Business Sensibly

Guest: Tony Payne, Charlotte Lamb and Isabel McParland

Episode: 105 | 24-01-2023

How the best recruiters use data and develop compelling personal branding

Guest: Rassam Yaghmaei, Talent Acquisition Director at Doctolib

Episode: 104 | 19-01-2023

Roundtable Live - Using The Right Data For Your TA Team

Guest: Rassam Yaghmaei, Nick Dennes and Joey NK Koksal

Episode: 103 | 17-01-2023

Salary Transparency and Why Your Business Should Be Looking at This Right Now

Guest: Hannah Williams,CEO at Salary Transparent Street

Episode: 102 | 12-01-2023

Roundtable Live - What Should TA Do In A Hiring Freeze

Guest: Parul Singh, Paul Abercrombie and Nuria Requena

Episode: 101 | 10-01-2023

AI, Data & The Role Of The Future Recruiter

Guest: Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources

Episode: 100 | 24-11-2022

Talent & Growth 100th Episode

Guest: Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood Curator

Episode: 99 | 22-11-2022

How To Convert Job Specs To Job Adverts

Guest: Paul Church, Co-Founder of The Animo Group and Founder of Talent and Growth

Episode: 98 | 17-11-2022

How To Prepare For 2023

Guest: Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Episode: 97 | 15-11-2022

How To Give An Amazing Candidate Experience

Guest: Mary Strebinger, Global Talent Acquisition at Who Gives A Crap

Episode: 96 | 10-11-2022

How To Be A Commercial People Person

Guest: Hannah Atack, Chief People Officer

Episode: 95 | 08-11-2022

Talent & Growth LIVE - Part 2 - Christine Ng & Katrina Collier

Guest: Christine Ng & Katrina Collier

Episode: 94 | 03-11-2022

Talent & Growth LIVE - Part 1 - Rohan Kallicharan & Beckie Taylor

Guest: Rohan Kallicharan & Beckie Taylor

Episode: 93 | 01-11-2022

How To Open Up Your Talent Pool With Social Mobility

Guest: Felicity Halstead, Founder at Goodwork

Episode: 92 | 27-10-2022

How To Put Culture At The Centre Of Your Hiring

Guest: Isabel McParland, People and Talent Acquisition Partner at BVNK

Episode: 91 | 25-10-2022

How To Become An Incredible Company To Work For

Guest: John Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder at Incentive Games

Episode: 90 | 18-10-2022

How To Build A People Manifesto

Guest: Eleanor Gooding, People & Culture Director at Boost Drinks

Episode: 89 | 13-10-2022

Talent & Growth Live Special

Guest: Christine NG & Beckie Taylor

Episode: 088 | 11-10-2022

Talent & Growth Live Special

Guest: Katrina Collier & Rohan Kallicharan

Episode: 087 | 06-10-2022

How To Use Feedback To Improve the Candidate Experience

Guest: Helen Murdoch, Talent Acquisition Manager at MPB

Episode: 086 | 04-10-2022

How To Prepare Your Hiring Teams For Interviews

Guest: Margaret Buj, Senior Talent Partner at Mixmax

Episode: 085 | 29-09-2022

How To Save Your People With Internal Mobility

Guest: Sarah Symes, Partner & Head of People at Jetstone Asset Management

Episode: 084 | 27-09-2022

How To Master The Craft Of Recruitment

Guest: Terri Lewis, Head of Talent Acquisition at Ubisoft

Episode: 083 | 22-09-2022

How To Create Equity In The Workplace With Remote Working

Guest: Hannah Litt, Head of Equity, Diversity, Incusion, Antiracism (EDIA) and Resourcing at Mindweaver

Episode: 082 | 20-09-2022

How to use Data to Improve Candidate Experience

Guest: Ruta Petrikauskiene, Talent Acqusition Lead

Episode: 081 | 15-09-2022

How To Engage With neurodivergent Talent

Guest: Parul Singh, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner and Neurodiversity Advocate at xDesign

Episode: 080 | 13-09-2022

How To Use Events For Sourcing

Guest: Michael Carter, Talent Acqusition Manager at Warner Bros Discovery

Episode: 079 | 08-09-2022

How To Bring Your Team Together

Guest: June Gill, Head of Performance at Fluid Commerce

Episode: 078 | 06-09-2022

How To Align Our Engineering Team With Our Business Goals

Guest: Pete Dignan, Head of PistonHeads Engineering and Consumer Engagement at CarGurus

Episode: 077 | 01-09-2022

How To Set Up Hiring Processes For Early Stage Organisations

Guest: Jonathan Durnford-Smith Portfolio Partner at Octopus Ventures

Episode: 076 | 30-08-2022

How To Transform Your Engineering Team

Guest: Andy Macharg, CTO @ HELLO

Episode: 076 | 25-08-2022

How To Support The Wellbeing Of Your People

Guest: Kel Hartman, Chief People Officer at Chipper Cash

Episode: 075 | 23-08-2022

How To Hire The Right People For Your Business

Guest: Charles Brecque, Founder & CEO at Legislate

Episode: 074 | 18-08-2022

How To Fire Your Best Friend

Guest: Richard Chapple, Co-Founder & CEO at The Growth Foundation

Episode: 073 | 16-08-2022

How To Diversify Your Definition Of Diversity

Guest: Emma Freivogel, Founder at Radical Recruit

Episode: 072 | 11-08-2022

How To Start Building An Inclusive Culture And Why

Guest: Garry Clarke-Strange, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Green King

Episode: 071 | 09-08-2022

How To Focus On Diversity & Hiring In Your Business

Guest: Alia Khattab, Director of Talent Acquisition at ServiceNow

Episode: 070 | 04-08-2022

How To Bring Your Workforce On Your Journey

Guest: Charlie Winton, Founder at Ok Positive

Episode: 069 | 02-08-2022

How To Hire More Females Into Your Tech Teams

Guest: Tash Grossman, Founder at Slip

Episode: 068 | 28-07-2022

How To Take Your Business On A Diversity Journey

Guest: Dayo Akinrinade - Founder of joinWISDOMapp & Afroclick

Episode: 067 | 26-07-2022

How To Use Your Employer Branding Correctly

Guest: Dani Saadu, Global Director of Talent at Collinson

Episode: 066 | 21-07-2022

How To Be A Robot-Proof Recruiter

Guest: Katrina Collier, Author, Facilitator & Speaker at Katrina Collier Limited

Episode: 065 | 19-07-2022

How To Make A Four Day Work Week Work!

Guest: Andrew Cross, Founder & CEO at Goosechase

Episode: 064 | 14-07-2022

How To Leverage Your Company Values To Attract & Retain The Right People For Your Business

Guest: Joey Price, CEO, Jumpstart : HR

Episode: 063 | 12-07-2022

How To Put Together A Comp Plan

Guest: Jessie Zwaan, Chief Operating Officer at Whereby

Episode: 062 | 07-07-2022

How & Why Recruiters Should Build A Brand

Guest: Rassam Yaghmaei, Talent Acquisition Director at Doctolib

Episode: 061 | 05-07-2022

How To Give A Great Candidate Experience

Guest: Paul Abercrombie, Director of EMEA Talent Acquisition, Klavyio

Episode: 059 | 28-06-2022

How To Build A Talent Pipeline

Guest: Adam Gordon, Co-Founder at Candidate.ID

Episode: 058 | 23-06-2022

How To Attract Gen Z Talent

Guest: Milimo Banji, Founder at Tapln

Episode: 057 | 21-06-2022

How To Become A Full Stack Recruiter

Guest: Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter

Episode: 056 | 16-06-2022

How To Build A More Diverse & Inclusive Business

Guest: Laia Estorach Cavaller, Global Human Resources Director, Reckitt

Episode: 055 | 14-06-2022

How To Really Understand What Your Workforce Care About

Guest: Dr Richard Claydon, Chief Cognitive Officer @ EQ Lab and Geoff Marlow, Executive Director, Aligned Agility

Episode: 054 | 09-06-2022

How To Support The Female Talent In Your Business

Guest: Lauren Paton, CEO, Unleashed Consulting

Episode: 053 | 07-06-2022

How To Build A Safe Engineering Culture

Guest: Samantha Mountford, CTO, Feast It

Episode: 052 | 31-05-2022

How General Motors Attracts A New Generation Of Talent

Guest: Cyril George, Global Talent Acquisition Director, General Motors

Episode: 051 | 26-05-2022

How Capgemini Source Niche Tech Talent In A Talent Short Market

Guest: Neil Denton, Director of Talent, Version 1

Episode: 050 | 24-05-2022

How To Reduce Agency Usage

Guest: Rekha Aucklah, Talent Acquisition Lead, Armakuni

Episode: 048 | 17-05-2022

How To Create A Market Leading Benefits Package

Guest: Sebastian Fallert, Co-Founder & CEO, Ben

Episode: 047 | 12-05-2022

How To Build A Healthy High Performance Culture

Guest: Emma Cooper, Chief People Officer, System1Group

Episode: 046 | 10-05-2022

How To Get It Right With Diversity

Guest: Asif Sadiq MBE, Senior Vice President, Head of Equity and Inclusion, Warner Media International

Episode: 045 | 05-05-2022

How Businesses Can Start To Stamp Out Racism

Guest: Shereen Daniels, HR Rewired, Managing Director

Episode: 044 | 03-05-2022

How To Use Tech To Be More Human

Guest: Chad Sowash, Chad & Cheese Podcast Host

Episode: 49 | 28-04-2022

How To Build A Transparent & Authentic Employer Brand

Guest: Craig Fisher, Founder, TalentNet Media

Episode: 043 | 28-04-2022

How To Pick The Right TA/HR Tech

Guest: William Tincup, RecruitingDaily.com, Editor

Episode: 042 | 26-04-2022

How A Culture of Kindness Can Help With Attraction & Retention

Guest: Chelsea Foxwell, Head of People, Uptake Strategies

Episode: 041 | 21-04-2022

How To Understand Recruitment Automation

Guest: Matt Alder, The Recruiting Future Podcast Host

Episode: 040 | 19-04-2022

How To Use Your Recruitment Metrics In The Right Way

Guest: Gemma Cuff Head of EMEA Talent Acquisition & Global Recruiting Programs at Micro Focus

Episode: 039 | 14-04-2022

How To Look After The Mental Wellbeing of a Hybrid Workforce

Guest: Rohan Kallicharan, Director of People & Talent, Carbon Clean

Episode: 038 | 12-04-2022

How PepsiCo Dare To Do More

Guest: Imene Zidi, PepsiCo, Talent Acquisition Director Europe

Episode: 037 | 07-04-2022

How To Engage Schools & Students For Tomorrow's Talent

Guest: Danny Heath Founder of YourGamePlan

Episode: 036 | 05-04-2022

How To Attract More Women Into Tech Teams

Guest: Beckie Taylor CEO of Tech Returners

Episode: 035 | 01-04-2022

How & Why Talent Acquisition Should Own Retention

Guest: Tim Sackett President of HRUTech.com

Episode: 034 | 28-03-2022

How HR Can Build A More Human Centered Business

Guest: Sian Abel, SVP, Head of HR EMEA & RoW, Kyowa Kirin

Episode: 033 | 25-03-2022

How To Be A Great Talent Leader

Guest: Adrian Thomas RL100 Chair

Episode: 032 | 21-03-2022

How To Build A Healthy Start-Up Culture

Guest: Jessica Szucs, Head of Talent, Fathom

Episode: 031 | 16-03-2022

How To Transform Your Talent Team

Guest: Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Talent, and Rafael Grana, Team Lead Talent Acquisition at HelloFresh

Episode: 030 | 14-03-2022

How To Make Remote First Work

Guest: Hessie Coleman, VP of People, SEDNA

Episode: 029 | 11-03-2022

How To Understand The Market In 2022

Guest: Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood

Episode: 028 | 08-03-2022

How To Replicate The Customer Acquisition Model In Talent Acquisition

Guest: James Gardner

Episode: 027 | 07-03-2022

How To Retain Your People Through Career Development

Guest: Jo Taylor, Managing Director of Let's Talk Talent

Episode: 026 | 04-03-2022

How To Attract & Engage With Talent

Guest: Greg Savage

Episode: 025 | 01-03-2022

How To Hire Leaders

Guest: Lou Adler, CEO and Founder at The Adler Group

Episode: 024 | 28-02-2022

How To Implement Agile Processes Into Your Talent Team

Guest: Sophie Branfield, Head of People, 101 Ways

Episode: 023 | 25-02-2022

How To Build An Amazing Culture

Guest: Angela Siddall, Senior Global Director of Talent Attraction at Veeam

Episode: 022 | 22-02-2022

How to Make an RPO Work

Guest: Tim Sharp, Global Head of Talent at Takeda

Episode: 021 | 21-02-2022

How To Use A Remote Working Culture To Retain & Attract Talent

Guest: Karthika Biju, Head of People at Vita Mojo

Episode: 020 | 18-02-2022

How To Give An Amazing Candidate Experience

Guest: Steve Norton Director of Talent at Attraction GBP Plc

Episode: 019 | 15-02-2022

How to Fix the Tech Talent Shortage with Internal Mobility

Guest: Phil Kell - Head of Talent at Hackajob

Episode: 018 | 14-02-2022

How To Broaden Your Talent Pool

Guest: Janine Garn, Head of Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion at Leyton

Episode: 017 | 11-02-2022

How To Attract & Retain In The World Of Labour Shortages

Guest: Neil Carberry, CEO Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Episode: 016 | 08-02-2022

How To Set Your Talent Team Up For Success

Guest: Thomas Forstner, Director of People & Talent, Juro

Episode: 015 | 07-02-2022

How To Scale Your Business

Guest: Nicola Forbes-Taylor, Chief People Office, Clausematch

Episode: 014 | 04-02-2022

How To Build A Great Culture

Guest: Dipti Shah, Global People Director, TLC Marketing Worldwide

Episode: 013 | 01-02-2022

How To Lead A Recruitment Team

Guest: David Brammer, Group Global Head Of Talent Acquisition at Ocado

Episode: 012 | 31-01-2022

How To Support The Mental Wellbeing Of Your Workforce

Guest: Graeme Knox-Cowan, Head of Talent Acquisition for International Markets (EMEA & APAC) at Cigna

Episode: 011 | 28-01-2022

How To Maintain The Human Element With Interviewing

Guest: Charlotte Lamb, Head of Talent & People at Feast IT

Episode: 010 | 25-01-2022

How To Get Your Benefits Package Right

Guest: Tabby Hussain, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Benify

Episode: 009 | 24-01-2022

How Zoom Use Zoom To Attract Talent

Guest: Andrew Howatson, EMEA Recruitment Manager at Zoom

Episode: 008 | 21-01-2022

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Agency Partners

Guest: Nick Dennes, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Marex

Episode: 007 | 18-01-2022

How To Manage Stakeholders

Guest: Suf Baileche, Head of Talent at Comma