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Katrina Collier is p*ssed off! About what, you ask?

INTAKE, that’s what.

Hiring managers don’t know how to articulate what they need, and Talent Acquisition doesn’t know how to ask the right questions.

We need to fix this, and who better to fix it than the author of one of the essential books in recruitment, The Robot-Proof Recruiter?

Katrina and I covered the following:

  • Katrina’s observations of the market in 2023
  • What’s p*ssing her off about Talent Acquisition right now
  • How to fix the disconnect between TA and the Hiring Managers
  • The most critical questions that TA should ask hiring managers to ensure we qualify the roles most effectively
  • How to manage our hiring managers to the point of understanding the challenges in the market and the type of person they can get rather than the purple unicorn they want
  • How to push back on roles and even walk away from them internally whilst still protecting our position in the business
  • What Katrina thinks about the rise of AI and the impact it will have on TAs and recruiters
  • Katrina’s ONE Piece of advice that we all need to follow in TA to be great at our jobs in 2023

Contact Katrina here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinacollier/