In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Chandini Jain, the dynamic founder of Auquan, a company revolutionising the world of data science.

What is the secret sauce that keeps technical talent engaged and loyal? How do you balance the different attitudes and skills within a team comprising of technical and data talent? Chandini dives deep into these questions and shares practical strategies she’s developed to manage a diverse group of talented professionals effectively.

If you are grappling with the challenges of recruiting and retaining technical talent in a competitive field, Chandini has a wealth of experience and solutions to share. From fostering a performance-driven culture without losing empathy to innovative practices that enhance collaboration and output, this episode is a masterclass in effective team management.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a team leader, or someone interested in the cutting-edge field of data science, you will find a goldmine of insights and actionable tips in this episode. Listen in and get ready to transform your approach to team building and leadership