In our latest episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Anna Chalon, the Head of People at Runway, who offers us a deep dive into their unique approach to hiring, setting up a people function and putting a strong emphasis on DEI.

We explored the intricacies of establishing a structured interview process, uncovering the key elements needed for a successful, high-quality hiring system that maintains a low offer-out rate.

Anna shares share invaluable insights into how their structured selection process has fostered Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the company.

We delved into unconscious bias training and diversity audits, understanding the strategies that make a difference. Anna also shared her experience in diversity sourcing and intentionality in hiring, offering solutions for teams that lack diversity.

Furthermore, we discussed the crucial topic of pay equity, especially when onboarding new roles, and delve into strategies for tracking attrition among diverse employees.

A great episode with a great human being.