Talent Strategies

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Sandra Feldmann, an expert in creating compelling outreach campaigns for attracting top-notch talent. Sandra, whose diverse background spans across different realms of recruitment, currently lends her expertise to the team at Scandit as a Talent Acquisition Campaign Manager. 

Diving deep into her strategy toolkit, Sandra shares her unique approach to designing outreach messages that cut through the noise. We discuss the nuances that make her outreach stand out, highlighting the importance of differentiation and the strategic use of collateral. 

Sandra walks us through her creative process, sharing intriguing examples of her innovative strategies such as incorporating poetry, GIFs, and hyper-personalized elements. These tactics, she explains, are designed not just to capture attention, but to make candidates genuinely feel seen and appreciated. 

Reflecting on the critical role of pre-outreach awareness, Sandra discusses how building interest in the organization before candidate contact can substantially bolster the effectiveness of her campaigns.  

This episode offers a treasure trove of actionable strategies for those keen to elevate their candidate outreach. Join us for a deep-dive into the art of attracting talent in this engaging episode. 

You can contact Sandra here