Talent Strategies

In this engaging episode, we invite the dynamic duo from Speechmatics, Mikael Nilsson and David Field, to explore the intriguing concept of “Tom and Jerry” energy in the workplace. This lively conversation dives deep into their unique approach to People and Talent functions, reflecting on the thrilling dance between speed and rigor, process and flexibility, and healthy competition. 

Throughout the discussion, Mikael and David share their diverse experiences and the impact these have had on shaping their roles and strategies at Speechmatics. They provide valuable insights on building effective teams and fostering innovative solutions through a blend of engaging passion, open-mindedness, and co-creation of processes. 

Both guests also open up about the challenges and triumphs in setting up People and Talent functions from scratch, revealing the key priorities that drove their decisions. They candidly discuss the intriguing dynamics of disagreements, especially when making crucial hiring decisions, and how they navigate to maintain a united front. 

The episode also explores the implementation of specific frameworks and initiatives, such as leveling and progression and building Talent functions. We learn about their future plans for driving innovation and changes at Speechmatics, and the duo conclude with invaluable advice for other People and Talent professionals who might be navigating similar dynamics in their roles. 

Tune in to this episode for an entertaining and insightful exploration of the fusion of contrasting approaches, revealing how the energy and playful competition can drive better results in People and Talent functions.