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What is life like after living that recruitment agency life? What can you expect, what will change, what will you love?

I used to think failed recruiters went in-house, and now I work in-house myself; I know nothing could be further from the truth. It is a more profound, fulfilling role that allows you to have a huge impact on companies.

In this conversation, the amazing Parul Singh talks us through her transition from agency to in-house and even to Recruitment Marketeer.

There’s a whole world out there…

We covered:

  • Parul’s experience working in an agency, what she liked, what she disliked and what it taught her
  • How the transition of working in-house went, and what surprised her
  • The huge role agency life had on Parul’s ability to be great at TA
  • What do the biggest new tasks look like when it comes to working in-house rather than agency
  • What recruitment marketing means, covers and why Parul chose to look at this route as well
  • Parul’s advice to anybody looking to make the change from agency to the other side!

Contact Parul here –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/theadhdtechrecruiter/