In this captivating episode, we sit down with Jonathan Holmes, the visionary Founder of LuxDeco.

With a transparent look into the evolution of LuxDeco, Jonathan discusses the birth of the brand and its

initial ‘family-first’ foundation.

As we navigate through the intricacies of organizational culture, he reveals why and how he recognised the

need to shift the company’s initial approach.

Jonathan opens up about his unique strategy in team building, detailing how he meticulously chooses

members that perfectly align with LuxDeco’s core values.

He shares the hurdles of encountering resistance during pivotal cultural transitions and the art of making

tough choices while upholding the company’s guiding principle of kindness.

With an emphasis on adaptability, consistent feedback, and an unwavering commitment to values, this

episode offers a profound look into leading with authenticity and purpose.

Join us as we delve deep into the heart of culture-driven leadership with one of the industry’s most

insightful leaders.