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Rassam is InDa HOUSE!

Rassam is THE Man. He is the hose of the top-rated recruiter podcast Recruiters InDa House and Talent Acquisition Director at Doctolib, and one of my biggest inspirations regarding branding in recruitment.

We covered:

  • The significant changes and trends in the market in 2023 and the biggest challenges facing TA
  • What data should we be focusing on, and how should we use it in TA to be as effective and influential in our jobs as possible
  • How top-of-funnel metrics lead to deeper conversations with the business
  • What is the transition like from start-up to corporate for TA, and how do attract talent to more prominent organisations
  • How the modern recruiter should focus on branding.
  • Rassam’s rap video!

Contact Rassam here – Rassam Yaghmaei