Episode: 105 | 24-01-2023

How the best recruiters use data and develop compelling personal branding

Rassam Yaghmaei, Talent Acquisition Director at Doctolib

Rassam is InDa HOUSE!

Rassam is THE Man. He is the hose of the top-rated recruiter podcast Recruiters InDa House and Talent Acquisition Director at Doctolib, and one of my biggest inspirations regarding branding in recruitment.

We covered:

  • The significant changes and trends in the market in 2023 and the biggest challenges facing TA
  • What data should we be focusing on, and how should we use it in TA to be as effective and influential in our jobs as possible
  • How top-of-funnel metrics lead to deeper conversations with the business
  • What is the transition like from start-up to corporate for TA, and how do attract talent to more prominent organisations
  • How the modern recruiter should focus on branding.
  • Rassam’s rap video!

Contact Rassam here – Rassam Yaghmaei

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