Talent Strategies

Milimo Banji is 25 years old and the founder of leading social-first creative agency TapIn.

TapIn was founded TapIn after Milimo pivoted from his Aerospace engineering degree because he wanted to build a business that made a positive impact on the lives of young people across the world.

TapIn’s mission – is to prepare 100 million young people for the world of work.

TapIn won RAF Engineering as one of its first clients before they even hired any team members. Less than two years later, their team has quadrupled and has had the pleasure of working with a whole host of other graduate employers including BT, Capgemini, UBS, Newton Europe and EY, who also want to transform the way that they attract and engage Gen Z talent in the social media age that we now live in.

How do they do it? They like to create content that they know Gen Z is looking for. Content that’s relatable, shareable and most importantly, valuable. The kind of content that positions your employer’s brand not only at the top of their minds, but also in their hearts.

We covered:

  • Some of the differences in the characteristics of Gen Z compared to Gen Y
  • Where you start when it comes to trying to attract Gen Z
  • Where should you be going in terms of being able to find them to reach out to
  • How employer branding should look if you want to attract this talent pool?
  • What sort of content Gen Z respond well to
  • Where businesses go wrong when it comes to trying to attract Gen Z
  • How businesses can attract a more diverse talent pool

Contact Milimo here – Milimo Banji | LinkedIn