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Tech Returners aims to remove the barriers that returners of all ages, genders, and life circumstances face after a career break and, as a result, help to tackle the skills shortage in tech. Research shows that women who return to work can often be forced to return to lower-skilled or lower-paid jobs because of a lack of flexibility around family, paying the penalty for having a career break. Tech Returners aims to tackle this critical issue for those who wish to have a career and flexibility around their home lives.

Beckie is their CEO and Founder and quite simply a fantastic person who has a huge impact on the diversity levels of tech teams in the UK. In this episode, we discuss precisely how businesses and Talent Teams can get attract more women and a more diverse level of talent as a whole

We covered the following:

Why the Women In Tech stats may not be certain

What steps can Talent Acquisition take to attract more females into their tech teams?

How can businesses create an environment which supports the wider group and encourages a more diverse team?

How does flexible working impact diversity levels in teams?

Which companies stand out as doing well with the diversity levels of their tech teams?