Neil is the CEO at the REC, the leading membership organization for recruitment/staffing firms and individual recruiters. As a £35bn part of the UK’s professional services sector, brilliant recruiters change our economy and do the same for candidates’ lives – making great work happen every day. At REC, they speak up for a fantastic sector, hold to professional standards, and help firms and individual recruiters grow and understand the market’s changing demands. Neil is also Non-Exec at Acas and Primary Academy Trust Director.

In this episode, you will find out the following:

Neil’s unique perspective on the confidence in the market vs. the talent shortage right now

How the market is strategically planning for the use of contractors

How companies are standing out in “The War For Talent.”

What companies can do to combat the labor shortage; buy, borrow or grow!

The Great Resignation; what’s the to come and how companies can retain talent

Neil’s thoughts on internal mobility and how it should work

What is the future looking like in terms of the market. Where does it go, where does it end?

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