Charlie is the Founder of Ok Positive, a business-to-business Mental Health application designed to reduce the effects of Mental Health issues in the workplace (anxiety, stress, depression) and support end-users with their day-to-day Mental Health, creating a happier, loyal and more productive workforce. Mental Health costs £35 billion a year to the UK economy. While there is awareness, there is no action to support those affected. We provide the tool for people to acknowledge, monitor and maintain a positive daily impact on their Mental Health.

Charlie is an inspirational Founder & Leader, and in this episode, we talk about the importance of taking your workforce on the company journey with you and how to do it.

We covered:

  • How to build your business culture
  • Why it is important to you to take your people on the company journey
  • What Charlie has learnt about the journey along the way
  • How to ensure investment of your staff as the company scales What the future of supporting mental well-being looks like
  • Advice for Founders who authentically want to take people on the journey of the business

Contact Charlie here – Charlie Winton