Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Reckitt are huge manufacturing business with over 37000 employees! And today, we are talking to their Global Human Resources Director, Laia Estorach Cavaller, about the steps they have taken to become a more diverse & inclusive business.

We covered:

  • How much further do we need to go with driving diversity in business
  • How Reckitt has worked on driving the diversity levels of their teams
  • The steps Reckitt have taken to build a more inclusive business
  • Why and how to change the language from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion
  • How to use data to manage and drive our diversity levels
  • How we can ensure our has a culture of transformation
  • What we must do to make sure our employer branding is on point and appealing to a more diverse set of talent
  • In terms of employer branding, what must businesses do to make sure they appeal to a more diverse set of talent

Contact Laia here – Laia Estorach Cavaller