Ben is the all-in-one platform for any company to personalize benefits and rewards. ‍How? By marrying a modern software (SaaS) platform with per-employee MasterCard and financial infrastructure. The Ben platform enables employee choice for any existing benefits program while adding thousands of additional options while saving time and money.

Sebastian is their CEO & Co-Founder and will talk us through one of the essential tools for a business regarding attraction & retention – benefits!

We covered:

  • The renewed importance of the benefits package
  • What are some of the other interesting new players in the benefits market – what innovations are these players bringing to the space?
  • How do companies go about reviewing and tailoring their offering to a more remote and international workforce?
  • If you build a benefits program from scratch, where do you start?
  • Benefits for small vs. large companies – what are the expectations and the benchmark?
  • Predicted future shifts in the market – what innovations can we expect?

Contact Seb here – Sebastian Fallert