Episode: 073 | 16-08-2022

How To Diversify Your Definition Of Diversity

Emma Freivogel, Founder at Radical Recruit

Emma is one of the most inspirational guests we have had on Talent & Growth. She is the Founder of Radical Recruit, a not-for-profit recruitment consultancy that exists to excite, agitate and shake things up in the recruitment industry. They represent the UK’s most diverse ‘hidden’ talent, help employers do recruitment better and create real and lasting social change.
Emma helps us to diversify our definition of diversity. She gives some great advice on what we can do to open up our minds and talent pools and support some of the most underrepresented people in the UK.
We covered –
  • What we mean by diversifying your definition of diversity
  • What people & companies generally think of when talking about diversity and why
  • What sort of pools of people we should also be looking at attracting and how
  • Some of Emma’s incredible success stories with Radical Recruit
  • The types of schemes/initiatives/processes that businesses should be set up to make them more open to diverse pools of talent
Contact Emma here –  Emma Freivogel

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