Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Alia leads the Sales recruitment team in EMEA for ServiceNow, the defining Enterprise Software of the 21st century. Her team’s mission is to fuel ServiceNow’s growth by building diverse & high-performing teams. Her leadership philosophy fosters a sense of belonging for all so they can do their best work. In this episode, we all things diversity and hiring. We covered:
We covered:
  • The responsibility the whole business has to focus on hiring diverse talent
  • How to push diversity hiring with authenticity
  • How do we build an inclusive culture?
  • How and why we need to rethink our view of talent if we are trying to diversify our hiring
  • What innovations TA teams can start implementing to open up new talent pools
  • How to ensure a positive and inclusive candidate experience
  • How to make sure our employer branding is appealing to a more diverse set of talent
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