Talent Strategies

Nick has over twenty years of experience working in recruitment functions and has experienced agency, exec search, internal, RPO, and everything in between. Nick is now the Global Head of Talent Acquisition are Marex.

Marex is a UK-based tech-enabled liquidity hub, connecting clients to global energy, metals, agricultural and financial markets. Across its businesses, Marex provides high value-added services in Market Making, Commercial Hedging, Price Discovery, and Data & Advisory.

Nick has got such a wealth of experience and, having worked in so many different functions, truly knows how to get the most out of the agency partners she works with. Nick provides a blueprint for engaging in the most efficient way possible with agencies and ensuring a happy eco-system for all involved.

So, if you want to know how to get the most out of your agency partners or even set up a PSL effectively, then hit listen.