Hiring Techniques

Tash is the Founder of Slip, an award-winning start-up looking to humanise how we do digital receipts and customer information. Their innovative technology provides a robust solution for consumers and retailers to transform transactions and receipt waste into meaningful interactions.


As well as an excellent product, Tash is passionate about building a diverse business. In this episode, we will focus on her plans to attract more females into her tech teams.


We covered:

  • Why there is still such an issue getting more females into tech
  • The approach Tash has decided to take and why
  • How the business has improved their outreach and response rate
  • How Slip has made the hiring process one which retains diverse candidates
  • Where businesses go wrong with diversity and hiring
  • Tash’s advice on how to build more diverse tech teams

Contact Tash here – Tash Grossman