Talent Strategies

Sophie is a Head of People with extensive experience in the UK, Europe, APAC, and the USA, managing teams responsible for hiring >400 technical heads per annum. From a recruitment background, Sophie has been involved with many broad Talent and HR initiatives, including leading employer branding, talent acquisition, onboarding, resource management, and workforce planning.

 Sophie is used to working for IT companies with aggressive growth plans, successfully scaling existing UK offices, opening new locations globally, and establishing new greenfield recruitment programs, including graduate schemes.

 Sophie believes that traditional HR is being replaced with a more modern holistic People approach and has adopted many agile initiatives into her daily work and drawn on my coaching experience to lead teams.

 101 Ways are a fast-growing technology consultancy specializing in Agile & digital transformation and product development. At 101 Ways, they advise, lead, and do, helping their clients build great Agile teams to build great digital products.

 This is an interesting chat in which Sophie breaks down an exciting concept – implementing Agile, a software development methodology, into talent teams. It helps with communication, accountability, and lots of other things!

 Contact Sophie here – Sophie Branfield | LinkedIn