Culture,Hiring Techniques

Joey has spent over 15 years in the HR Industry. He started as a Human Resources Assistant and ended up in the boardroom as a Chief Executive Officer of an HR consulting firm. 

Jumpstart: HR. specialise in HR consulting for small businesses and startups. 

As the CEO of Jumpstart: HR, Joey has earned many recognitions, one of which is being named “Top 30 HR Professional Under 30” by SHRM’s HR Magazine. 

This episode focuses on how businesses can build and leverage their values to ensure the right people are in their business.  

We covered: 

  • Why values are more critical now than ever 
  • How does a business go about identifying what its values should be?   
  • What impact should the correct values have on the retention of your staff?   
  • How do you leverage your company values to attract talent in the most competitive market we have ever seen?   
  • How do we ensure that our values are embedded in our branding and processes?   
  • How do we make sure our values remain inclusive and our culture remains transformative?  

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