Rohan works as Director of People & Talent at Carbon Clean, an established global leader in industrial carbon capture solutions helping essential, but hard-to-abate, industries decarbonise. Their innovative solutions significantly reduce the costs and environmental impacts of carbon capture compared to conventional technologies.

Away from work, Rohan is a Trustee for Mind, the mental health charity, and Unicef, and is a keen runner having completed over 30 marathons.

In this episode, you will find out:

How do we keep connected to our workforce in a hybrid working model?

What social engagement initiatives do Carbon Clean have in place?

What do managers need to do and look out for when assessing and maybe improving the wellbeing of their teams?

What is the role of HR in all of this, and how do they make sure that they maintain the right balance between looking after the wellbeing of their people while also ensuring the commercial priorities of the business are being achieved?

Rohan’s advice he would you give to businesses who want to improve the wellbeing of their workforce?

Rohan’s unique personal mental health journey through to becoming Trustee at Mind.