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The UK is amidst a pioneering and monumental trial of a four-day work week. Goosechase was ahead of the curve and implemented this over a year ago. 

We were joined by their CEO, Andrew Cross, to talk us through it. 

GooseChase is an online platform that helps organisers create and run digital scavenger hunt experiences through players’ mobile devices. GooseChase digital scavenger hunts are commonly used for team building, learning, public engagement, and various other events. 

We covered: 

  • How long have Goosechase been running a four-day work week, and where did the idea come from 
  • What were the things that had to be taken into consideration? And were there any rules which had to be implemented? 
  • What have been the results so far that they have seen? 
  • What have been the positive effects on the people and the business? 
  • Have there been any drawbacks? 
  • What have they learnt about the experience, and what would they have changed about this journey? 
  • How impactful has the four-day week been on talent attraction and retention? 
  • If a four-day work week becomes the norm, what is next? 
  • Advice for other business leaders looking to implement a four-day work week 

Contact Andrew here – Andrew Cross | LinkedIn