Hessie has been involved in and led HR & People functions for over eight years, including working at Starling Bank, British Gas & Sedna.

Within SEDNA’s digital workspace, individuals can seamlessly collaborate and execute with increasing speed while delivering a single source of truth for the whole organization through one integrated system.SEDNA is email reimagined, built with intelligence and team collaboration at its core. Emails and communication are enriched in real-time with information about the projects and transactions related to.

SEDNA has always been remote-friendly but have adopted a Remote First environment following the pandemic, meaning that employees can choose to work from where they want, be it from home or going to the office. This type of structure is fast becoming THE preference for tech, data, and digital talent, so it is essential for companies to consider it an option in the war for people.

Find out how to make it work with myself and Hessie in today’s episode.

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