Talent Strategies

Suf is a Head of Talent with 7+ years of experience across tech and business functions. His passions lie within the startup world, having worked in Series A to IPO companies. Recently, Suf was featured in the Talent100 Most Influential Talent & HR Professionals In The UK 2022.

Comma is a safe and secure app that pays bills, taxes, and salaries for accountants and small businesses. It is the UK’s first bulk payment system for the small guys.

Suf has worked in nearly every recruitment function and role during his seven years and has PLENTY of stakeholder management experience. He gives plenty of tangible takeaways to help you win stakeholders over with credibility & data, and then make sure you manage them in the best way. Not to mention educating the stakeholders on how to handle themselves!

So, if you are looking to improve your recruitment process eco-system and get those stakeholder relationships right, then get listening.

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