Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,Hiring Techniques

We all want to open up talent pools, don’t we? Yes? Of course, we do! Social mobility is a way to do this. Actually, if we redefine social mobility a little as well, we can end up with a phenomenal long-term talent and branding strategy AND do some good in the world as well.
Felicity is the Founder of Goodwork, and in this episode, we find out all about the excellent work Goodwork (ha!) are doing and how we can start opening up our talent pools!
We covered:
  • The mission and vision for Goodwork
  • How we should and can redefine social mobility
  • How do we embed this into our long-term strategy and this tie it into our employer brand?
  • Some of Felicities and Goodworks success stories
Contact Felicity here – Felicity Halstead