Hiring Techniques

BVNK is an innovative banking and payments business built on crypto for the digital economy.

They have been on an incredible growth journey this year, scaling from 30 to 120 and maintaining their culture as a focal point of their hiring process. They ensure they bring in the right people who add to their culture.

Isabel has been an integral part of that journey and is here to share exactly how they have done it with us.

We covered:

  • The journey BVNK has been on in 2022 and plans for 2023
  • How BVNK have maintained their focus on culture as they have scaled and how it will continue to do so
  • How is this reflected in the hiring process, and what the BVNK culture manual looks like
  • How to keep rigid with their expectations around culture add yet still make sure the process and environment are inclusive

And lots more!

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