Talent Strategies

Putting together a comp plan is SO important when it comes to attraction, retention and also when it comes to running your business efficiently! But where do you start? Luckily we have Jessie Zwaan in to tell us all about it. 

Jessie is the COO of Whereby and believes that how your team works together is your most significant competitive advantage. Jessie tries to leverage that advantage as Chief Operating Officer by building coalitions that operate like product teams – thinking about the company as a product we are privileged to develop and improve! 

We covered: 

  • Where do we start when it comes to comp plans? 
  • Is there a science to putting one together? 
  • Where do businesses get it wrong with comp plans? 
  • Should a comp plan be based on years of experience, proven expertise, or expectancy in the role in terms of deliverables? 
  • Should a shortage of availability of the skillset in the market play a part?
  • What level of salary transparency in a business is optimal? 
  • How do we create an effective comp plan when we don’t have the budgets available of the tech giants? 
  • Where is the market going? 

Contact Jessie here –  Jessie Zwaan