Garry is a People / HR leader with 15 years + of experience leading teams across multiple disciplines, including Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Internal Communications and HR Central Operations; however now entirely focused on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.
In this episode, we talk around the how’s and why’s of building an inclusive culture, and Garry shares some of the challenges he has faced, as well as the solutions he has implemented, including some recent examples from working at Greene King and the ambitious journey they are on. We covered:
  • Why inclusion comes before diversity
  • How do you assess what type of culture you have
  • The blueprint for building a more inclusive culture How to take your business on the journey of inclusion
  • The importance of leadership training when it comes to building a more inclusive environment
  • Where companies go wrong when trying to build a more inclusive culture
  • How to diversify your talent pool
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