Episode: 031 | 16-03-2022

How To Transform Your Talent Team

Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Talent, and Rafael Grana, Team Lead Talent Acquisition at HelloFresh

Since HelloFresh was founded in 2011 in Europe’s vibrant tech hub, Berlin, they have become the world’s leading meal kit provider, delivering to over 4.2 million households worldwide in 16 countries across three continents.

More than 15,000 employees from over 75+ nationalities are the heart and soul of their fast-paced and dynamic environment where innovation and intelligent, fast action is encouraged.

To get the best people, they need the best talent team, and I was fortunate to speak with Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Talent, and Rafael Grana, Team Lead Talent Acquisition, around the following:

How they have successfully transformed their talent team since June 2021

How they make sure all the members of the team learn and develop skills beyond their job descriptions

How they create an incredible candidate experience

What Talent 4.0 means and what the next steps are

How they plan to create a global mobility program

How TA can save their business from attrition

What advice would they give other talented teams who want to transform!

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