Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A business MUST invest in its employer branding to attract and retain talent. That’s the view of Dani Saadu, one of my favourite people to talk to about people! And business! And culture! And Arsenal.

Dani gives us some great advice on exactly how to utilise your branding in the right way.

We covered:

  • The definition of branding
  • The difference between branding and EVP
  • The importance of employer branding for both talent attraction and retention?
  • How can a business enhance their employer branding, and where do they start
  • The simple, practical things that all businesses can do to enhance their branding without breaking the bank
  • Where businesses get it wrong with their branding
  • How talent teams can improve their outreach messaging with the correct branding behind them
  • Dani’s advice for businesses who want to focus on getting their branding right

Contact Dani here – Dani Saadu