Talent Strategies

Rassam is the creator of the live talk show Recruiters InDa House and TA Director at Doctolib. He emphasises creating and building brands to be the most effective at talent acquisition and is incredibly good at it. 

Employer brand, team brand, JOB brand…we go through it all and Rassam’s invaluable advice for anybody wanting to get better at their job when it comes to attraction or retention. 

We covered the following: 

  • What the modern recruiter needs to do to be effective 
  • How and why to become an influencer and what it means 
  • What sort of content the recruiter should be producing 
  • How to get a better response rate from your outreach 
  • How to create power branding 

And lots more! 

Contact Rassam here – Rassam Yaghmaei