Hiring Techniques

This week we host three people, two brothers and one great conversation on candidate experience!

Beginning by establishing what exactly ‘candidate experience’ means, Chris, Kyle, and Mary draw upon their vast knowledge and first-hand experiences to dissect this often misconstrued concept. They discuss the critical moments in the candidate journey where a positive experience can significantly influence a candidate’s perspective of the organization.

As the conversation unfolds, the trio shed light on the ways businesses can quantify the value of the candidate experience. They delve into the long-term benefits of investing in the candidate journey and highlight the key metrics to track the success of these investments.

Addressing the current debate of returning to the office post-pandemic, our guests offer insights into how this shift can influence the candidate experience journey. They provide practical advice for businesses navigating this new landscape, emphasizing the importance of adaptability.

Our guests also connect the dots between candidate experience, overall employee experience, and the customer journey. They share their perspectives on how candidate feedback can be utilized not only to improve the employee experience but also to shape the customer journey.

Their insights provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of the candidate journey and practical tips to elevate their own recruitment practices.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in enhancing their candidate experience and attracting the right talent. Tune in to gain practical insights from some of the leading voices in the industry.