In our latest episode of Talent & Growth we dive into the fascinating world of organisational health with Chris Parsons, Co-Founder of shares his entrepreneurial journey and the innovative strides his current venture, Lollipop, is making in reshaping consumer shopping experiences.

Throughout the conversation, Chris emphasises the critical role of organisational health, as conceptualised by Patrick Lencioni, in driving business success.

He delves into the importance of having a clear mission, building a high-trust environment, and ensuring low staff turnover.

Listeners will gain insights into how Chris’s team at Lollipop maintains a clear focus, sets concrete objectives, and aligns their decision-making processes with organisational health principles.

The discussion also touches on the intriguing aspect of salary transparency and its impact on fostering trust within the company.

For anyone interested in learning about the practical implementation of organisational health principles in both startups and established companies, this episode is a must-listen.

Chris offers valuable advice and shares his experiences creating a thriving, healthy work environment that propels a business to succeed.

Tune in to get inspired and learn how to incorporate these vital principles into your organisation’s culture.