Hiring Techniques

In today’s episode, we have a conversation with the VP of People & Talent at Ashby, who provides a deep dive into the captivating concept of reverse sourcing.

As we explore the unique culture and work environment at Ashby, we delve into the transformative shift from traditional sourcing methods to more innovative strategies.

Our guest shares invaluable insights into the limitations of traditional sourcing and how reverse sourcing presents a compelling alternative. With detailed examples, the concept of reverse sourcing is unpacked, offering a fresh perspective on finding and hiring talent.

We also explore the crucial role of job descriptions in this process, highlighting the importance of optimizing for plain language and ensuring discoverability. As our guest illustrates, the key to success in reverse sourcing lies in the intersection of SEO, algorithmic understanding, and strategic usage of platforms like LinkedIn and AdWords.

This discussion also addresses how to drive potential candidates from their inboxes to job listings, revealing some effective strategies used in the industry. Additionally, we tackle potential challenges and obstacles in reverse sourcing and offer guidance on how to overcome them.

Join us in this episode to discover how reverse sourcing could revolutionize your talent acquisition approach.