In this intriguing episode of our podcast, we discuss coaching and professional development with Carmen Stam and Sonja Marie Schiebold from Headroom Assistance. Through a candid discussion, they offer a deep-dive into the realm of internal coaching, offering fresh insights and practical advice for those looking to unlock the potential within their teams. 

Carmen and Sonja illuminate the strategic decision behind Headroom’s choice to invest in internal coaches and the compelling return they’ve experienced. They share fascinating insights about the dual role their executive assistants play as internal coaches, seamlessly balancing their primary tasks with their impactful coaching duties. 

Exploring their guiding mantra, “smart work is better than hard work”, they discuss its influence on their coaching ethos and how it has redefined productivity in their teams. 

For listeners considering implementing a coaching programme, our guests provide a step-by-step guide, from inception to execution, along with a realistic portrayal of potential challenges and strategies to overcome them. They also discuss the measures of success and share remarkable transformation stories resulting from their coaching initiatives. 

 The episode concludes with our guests looking ahead, predicting the future role of internal coaching in the business landscape, leaving listeners with much food for thought. 

 This episode provides a wealth of knowledge for those keen to harness the power of internal coaching and create a culture of continuous learning and development. Join us for this insightful journey into the heart of coaching at Headroom Assistance. 


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