Talent Strategies

In this episode, we sit down with Reka Tron, the COO and co-founder of Multus, a groundbreaking biotech company that’s transforming the industry landscape.

Reka shares her inspiring journey and sheds light on how Multus is solving complex problems through innovation. As someone who wears multiple hats including that of the HR leader, Reka provides invaluable insights into dual-role management, effective delegation, and the evolution of their candidate interview process. Whether you’re scaling your team from 10 to 30, seeking effective team-building exercises, or aiming to align a constantly evolving team with shifting business priorities, Reka’s experiences offer lessons in leadership, adaptability, and balance. From handling the intricacies of project management to keeping up with evolving customer needs, Reka’s insights are a treasure trove for any aspiring entrepreneur, particularly those looking to make their mark in the biotech sector.”

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation filled with actionable advice and in-depth knowledge