Episode: 107 | 31-01-2023

The Life Of A One Person TA Team - building hiring processes, working with Founders & hiring niche skillsets

Kristian Bright, Recruitment Lead at Rooser

Kristian Bright is the Recruitment Lead at Rooser, an innovative tech business looking to disrupt the sea trade industry. Fishtech anybody?

He is also the Co-Founder of DBR, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, communities of In-house recruiters and TA professionals.

In this chat, we are talking about going into a business as the sole TA person and building out processes, relationships, and talent pools. We also chat through the difficulties in hiring very niche skill sets, some of which aren’t even in the business yet.

Kristian is a great guy, humble, credible and intelligent around all things TA. He is also a great example of rebounding from a layoff and the opportunities it can present you.


We covered:

·  Kristian’s unfortunate experience of being one of the many great TA people let go in 2022, how he handled the situation and ultimately, rebounded

·  The creation and evolution of DBR, the community for In-House recruiters.

·  What are the biggest challegnes for TA in 2023? Kristian’s views on this and how to prepare

·  Where does somebody start when they are brought to build out a TA function from scratch?

·  How to partner with the Founders of businesses effectively to build the teams they want to deliver their product or service

·  What to do when you are hiring people with skillsets that don’t even exist in the company yet

·  Where to start when setting up interview processes

·  Data, data, data and how to build this up from scratch and make sure it is adopted as a tool for strategic talent-focused decisions

·  Kristian’s advice to anybody in TA who has been let go from their jobs in the last few months

Contact Kristian here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristianbright/

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