Episode: 109 | 07-02-2023

The role of AI in recruitment, Data, and how to be great at Talent Acquisition in 2023

Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter

Jan is the MAN! And the author of one of the most important books in Talent Acquisition, Full Stack Recruiter.

In this episode we covered the following:

  • The challenges facing TA in 2023 and how to prepare for them
  • How to get better at TA and the training we should be giving our teams
  • What data should we be using and stopping using
  • The impact of using AI in recruitment effectively – not too much, not too little- needs to be just right!
  • What can companies do to attract the best talent creatively
  • Where we are heading when it comes to remote working / hybrid working / Office working
  • Jan’s top tips for being even better at your job in 2023

Contact Jan here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jantegze/

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