Every six months or so I like to sit down with Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, to discuss the current state of the labour and recruitment landscape. 

Neil provided insightful commentary on major trends shaping the market in 2023. We covered the ongoing remote work debate, the rise of AI and technology, salary transparency, and advice for attracting talent today. 

Key takeaways included: 

– The UK faces talent shortages amidst shifting workplace preferences post-pandemic 

– While some companies are pushing RTO, flexible and remote roles are here to stay 

– AI and technology are transforming recruiting, though human skills remain vital 

– Salary transparency is gaining momentum, empowering workers 

– Businesses should focus on upskilling, retention and modernising work culture 

Neil offered a cautiously optimistic view of the future, urging proactive adaptation. Although economic conditions are challenging, he stressed that opportunities abound for forward-thinking, talent-focused firms. 

This wide-ranging discussion provides an invaluable overview of the UK TA, recruitment and overall workforce landscape. 

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