In this insightful episode, we are joined by Minal Joshi-Jaeckli, founder of Open Elevator, who shares her passion and unique approach towards employee engagement. Minal’s obsession with enhancing engagement within organizations has led her to use data-driven insights to create and support effective retention programs.

Throughout our conversation, we delve into Minal’s background and discover the “why” behind her mission. She illuminates how critical data points are harnessed to measure and improve engagement, all while debunking common misconceptions about the process.

With vivid examples, Minal outlines how her method has led to significant improvements within companies, fostering a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion. Her continuous process of cultural improvement, rather than mere one-time interventions, stands out as a unique approach that truly resonates with leaders and employees alike.

By focusing on the essence of allowing people to be themselves and giving various voices and identities room to thrive, Minal offers a fresh perspective on the value of HR and the role it plays in modern organizations.

If you are interested in understanding your organisation at a deeper level and seeking ways to make meaningful and continuous improvements in engagement, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice. Don’t miss it!