Talent Strategies

In this eye-opening episode, we sit down with Ant Thompson, an entrepreneur, veteran advocate, and expert in employee engagement, to delve into how he’s bridging the gap between military and corporate worlds. We explore his transformative journey from serving in the military to becoming a thought leader in the corporate space.

Ant passionately discusses his work with veterans, offering key insights into translating military skills into business acumen. He also shares the invaluable lessons he’s learned about the power of networking and how it has informed his current ventures.

We dig into the practicality of using AI and engagement surveys to deliver actionable data for leaders. As a seasoned fundraiser, Ant provides nuggets of wisdom for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their projects.

Listen in as Ant elucidates the balance between hard and soft skills, questioning why society often overemphasizes one at the expense of the other. Wrapping up, he reveals upcoming initiatives he’s excited about and leaves us with actionable advice for HR professionals aiming to elevate employee engagement.

Don’t miss this enriching conversation that merges experience, technology, and a deep understanding of human capabilities.